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We are a unique organisation specialising in providing our students with only the best private tutorials and group workshops. We offer tuition with only our top students in each of our Faculties: Commerce, Medicine and Sciences. As students ourselves, we have a distinctive understanding of what our students require from their lessons, enabling us to meet their needs completely.

Royal Tutors was created BY students FOR students. Learn from the BEST.

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Customer Review

Abigail Stoffels

The private lessons were great, Matthew  is a great tutor and I would definitely recommend him! Thank you so much


Yes I found it good thanks! was really helpful, as i wanted to spend yesterday learning for the other test


The  platform was great to use and helped the students since you could show them what you were  writing and also students  could ask questions which made them really happy with the platform. And also  the instructions about how to use the platform  were easy to follow hence this made it easy to use platform

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